All Rock Helmets products comply with safety standards and certifications that ensure the reliability of our helmets. Our accredited institution, CSI SpA, subjects all of our products to accurate testing. This institution has worked in the field of sport and industrial helmet certifications for many years.

The product certifications issued by CSI SpA include tests capable of proving compliance with the requirements of applicable reference standards. These checks are repeated over time to ensure product features are maintained.

Once a model has obtained certification, Rock Helmets acquires the right of use of an EC certificate that accompanies our products and ensures the performance of products and their compliance with required standards.

Our models have been certified based on the type of activities in for which they were designed:

  • EN 397 for industrial use and work at height helmets
  • EN 12492 for mountaineering helmets
  • EN 1077 (Class A or B) for ski, snowboarding and free-ride helmets
  • EN 1385 for water sport helmetsù
  • EN966 for free flight helmets

Some of our helmets also have obtained specific certifications:

  • UIAA for mountaineering helmets
  • ANSI for industrial helmets (USA)

Download a facsimile of the certificate.

From: 05/11/2019 to: 08/11/2019
From: 30/06/2019 to: 03/07/2019
Date: 19/01/2017
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