Certified safety and sports helmets

All Rock Helmets helmets satisfy safety standards and are certified in order to guarantee product reliability.

Tested by various Italian and international laboratories (CSI S.p.A., Dolomiti Cert and others), accredited bodies that have been working for years in the field of sports and industrial helmet certification, Rock Helmets models comply with the requirements of the applicable reference standards.

Repeated checks and controls over time ensure and guarantee that the characteristics of each product are maintained.

Once a model has been certified, Rock Helmets acquires the right to use the accompanying CE certificate and guarantees performance and compliance with mandatory standards.

Our models are certified based on the type of activity for which they were designed:

  • EN 397 for industrial use and work at height (second or third category)
  • EN 12492 for mountaineering helmets
  • EN 1077 (class A or B) for ski, snowboarding, and free-ride helmets
  • EN 1385 for helmets intended for water sports
  • EN966 for hang gliding helmets

Some have even obtained specific certifications:

  • UIAA for mountaineering helmets
  • ANSI for industrial helmets (USA)

Download the fac-simile of the certificate.

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